Intercom solutions refer to a range of communication systems and technologies designed to facilitate efficient and effective communication within and between various entities. These solutions are commonly used in businesses, residential complexes, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and other environments where seamless communication is essential.

Amazant Technologies stands as a leading provider of Intercom Solutions, offering an array of state-of-the-art products designed to revolutionize communication dynamics. Our range includes business-centric intercom systems, seamless residential communication setups, advanced video intercoms, flexible wireless solutions, access control integration for heightened security, IP-based systems for scalability, and specialized solutions tailored for schools and healthcare facilities. With a commitment to innovation and reliability, Amazant Technologies ensures that our Intercom Solutions empower businesses, homes, and institutions with efficient and secure communication capabilities. Elevate your communication infrastructure to new heights with Amazant Technologies – where cutting-edge solutions meet your unique needs.

Here are some aspects and types of intercom solutions

Business Intercom Systems

Residential Intercom Systems

Video Intercom Systems

Wireless Intercom Systems

Access Control Intercoms

IP Intercom Systems

School Intercom Systems

Healthcare Intercom Solutions

Available Options

Door/Entry Intercoms

Amazant Technologies excels in providing top-notch Door/Entry Intercom solutions that redefine security and convenience.

Multizone Intercoms

Amazant Technologies introduces Multizone Intercom Systems designed to facilitate fluid communication across various zones.

Emergency Intercom Systems

Safety is paramount, and Amazant Technologies understands the critical importance of Emergency Intercom Systems. Our solutions are engineered

K-12 Intercom Systems

Amazant Technologies specializes in K-12 Intercom Systems, catering to the unique communication needs of educational institutions.


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Bandwidth has historically been very unequally distributed worldwide, with increasing concentration in the digital age. Historically only 10 countries have hosted 70-75% of the global telecommunication capacity.


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We believe the value that our functions add to a business with right root.