Bulk SMS mobility services have transformed communication and taken it to an all new level.

This has opened up vibrant new vistas for the mass communication industry through mobile phones. With technological advancements and the increasing accessibility of mobile phones, sending bulk SMS is an easy way to reach people without spending too much money.

We help you create a buzz in the market, making it much easier than other traditional means. We help you to redefine archetypes and revamp your SMS campaign with SMS marketing. In India, the concept of sending bulk SMS is becoming popular day by day. Bulk SMS services help to send tips, service messages, alerts, reminders and other forms of communication to the customers across a wide geographical area.


Transactional sms is used to send information of products and services to customer or audience.

Some of the features are:


Promotional sms is used to promote products and services which can be sales and marketing messages. Some of the features are

Some of the features are:

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