ANPR Solutions

Addressing the surge in traffic violations and crime, our ANPR system is pivotal for mass surveillance. By vigilantly capturing vehicle registration plates, it offers an ideal security solution. Our solution efficiently stores vehicle details, streamlining access management and eliminating the constant need for manual monitoring. Widely employed in industrial sites and holiday parks, it ensures stringent access control, making it a preferred choice for enhancing security and preventing unauthorized entry.
Amazant Technologies pioneers ANPR solutions, bringing advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology for efficient vehicle management and enhanced security. Our cutting-edge systems ensure rapid processing, accurate plate recognition, and quick installation, making us the forefront choice for seamless traffic solutions.

Our Services:


Crafting tailored solutions with cutting-edge products from global leaders, we create a system precisely tailored to meet your unique requirements.


With a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, we meticulously configure the system to ensure it operates seamlessly, providing user-friendly functionality aligned precisely with your expectations.


Our dedicated professional team ensures the delivery of top-notch installation services, guaranteeing high-quality implementation for your solution.

ANPR - Parking Systems

The ANPR cameras deployed by The Parking Agency scan vehicle registration numbers as they pass by. Through a mathematical process called hashing, the number plates are instantly converted into non-unique reference numbers (tags) at the roadside. Each pass of a NTOC ANPR Camera generates the same tag for the same number plate. It’s important to note that the original number plate cannot be accurately derived from the tag, as the tag is not unique to a specific number plate. In other words, different number plates can produce the same tag. The system records approximately 14 million tags daily, and the ANPR Camera system transmits data to the NTOC at 5-minute intervals. The deployment of ANPR cameras has proven effective in successfully implementing a parking violation prevention and enforcement system.

ANPR - Highway Systems

Enhance your parking facility with strategically placed ANPR cameras at entry and exit points, capturing and processing vehicle details seamlessly. Our advanced number plate recognition identifies unauthorized vehicles or those exceeding the maximum stay period. For non-compliant parking, charges are promptly dispatched within 48 hours. As specialized ANPR parking management system manufacturers, we ensure top-notch in-house development with the finest market components. Our systems boast modern design, durability, and remote monitoring capabilities through a personalized website. Resolve issues of non-customers utilizing your free facilities with our ideal and stylish solutions.

Why use Amazant Technologies ANPR System?


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